Friday, 1 May 2009

Coming soon

The Real Bread Campaign will be starting to blog here soon.

Please visit for more details, to find Real Bread near you and to sign up for Breadcrumbs, our monthly e-newsletter.

For more frequent updates, please join the Real Bread Campaign group on facebook.

In the meantime, here's a bit about what we're about.


Toast, sandwiches, chleb, bagels, naan, injera, wraps, pizza, pitta, pida...

However you enjoy yours, the Real Bread Campaign is fighting for a return to bread that is:

- Better for you
- Better for your community
- Better for the planet

How does the campaign work?

The Real Bread Campaign works to make Real Bread accessible to all, linking together bakers and consumers in:

· Stimulating demand – sharing with consumers the benefits of Real Bread over industrially-produced substitutes.
· Stimulating local supply – encouraging and supporting baking in schools, homes and local communities.
You can find out where to buy Real Bread in your area at our website:

What is Real Bread?

The only essential ingredients of leavened bread are:

· Flour
· Water
· Yeast (cultured or naturally occurring)
· A small amount of salt (optional)

The making of Real Bread does not involve the use of any artificial additives, preservatives, flavourings, colourings or processing aids.

Any additional ingredients must be natural e.g. seeds, nuts, cheese, herbs, oils, fats and dried fruits, which themselves contain no artificial additives.

The gold standard is reached by Real Bread that:

· Is made with not only refined white flour (the inclusion of stoneground flour is preferable)
· Involves fermentation of at least four hours
· Is produced in one continuous process i.e. no part baking or freezing of the dough

The Real Bread Campaign also celebrates the use of certified organic and locally produced ingredients.

What about the supermarkets?

Whilst the Real Bread Campaign is striving for an invigoration of local, artisan production of Real Bread with the economic, environmental and social benefits this will bring, we recognise that around 95% of bread consumed in the UK is industrially produced.

As well as finding ways to bring Real Bread within reach of everyone, the Real Bread Campaign also works to convince industrial manufacturers to return to the production of Real Bread and fights for honest and transparent labelling regulations and practices in the meantime.

What can I do?

For more information, to recommend or search for Real Bread near you and to sign up for Real Bread Campaign email updates, please visit:

Le pain se leve!

The Real Bread Campaign is co-ordinated by Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

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