Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Statement from the Real Bread Campaign on the possible use of unlabelled processing aids in factory bread

19 May 2009

After repeated questioning by letter and email, the Real Bread Campaign at last has secured confirmation from The Federation of Bakers that nothing of animal or GM origin is used by any federation member in the manufacture of any product unless clearly stated on the label. The statement covers ingredients, additives and processing aids.

Further to this, copies of communications from the federation’s three largest member companies* have been passed to the Real Bread Campaign, each company confirming that it does not use enzymes of animal or GM origin at all.

Whilst the Real Bread Campaign welcomes the opportunity to share this clarification with British consumers, we are saddened that neither the federation of any of its member companies took the chance to reply to the Real Bread Campaign or the Real Food Festival with such unequivocal answers when we first put the question to each of them in a letter of 2 April.

We are further disappointed that the federation has not accepted any of our four written invitations to confirm that none of its member companies is using unlabelled processing aids in the manufacture of its products.

We therefore draw the following conclusions:

· Federation members may be using unlabelled processing aids.
· The federation has no intention of phasing out the use of processing aids.
· The federation has no intention of taking the voluntary step of declaring the use of processing aids on product labels.

We have again put these possibilities to the federation and await their reply.

Consumers in search of Real Bread made with all natural ingredients and no artificial additives or processing aids can search for their nearest local supply using the Real Bread Finder at http://www.realbreadcampaign.org/

The Real Bread Campaign

* The three largest members of The Federation of Bakers are Allied Bakeries, Premier Foods (Hovis) and Warburtons, with WD Irwin & Sons Limited, Frank Roberts & Sons Limited, Fine Lady Bakeries Limited, Delifrance (UK) Ltd. and William Jackson & Son Limited completing the membership.

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